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Mon 11 - Thu 14 April 2022

[OPEN] Registrations for <Programming> Online, April 11-14, 2022

Everyone who have already registered for the conference in Porto (March 16, 21-25), workshops, or tutorials, in-person or online, any ticket, has already access to the online version of the conference. You do don’t need to register again.

If you only wish to attend the online part of 2022, April 11-14, the fee is EUR 60, and you can register soon using our registration system for April 11-14.

Payment methods If for some reason, you find difficulties on paying using the international methods available (VISA, PayPal), you can always choose an asynchronous method - Invoice (bank transfer), but please register as soon as possible to count on you. When selecting Invoice (bank transfer), you’ll receive the instruction to proceed with the bank transfer and an invoice (pro-forma invoice).

Are you registered already? To accommodate all last minute personal, organizational, or international “unknown unknowns”, we are being as agile as possible at 2022, e.g. following a trust-first + high-flexibility registration policy, to all. Therefore, if you have a ticket already paid, or simply started the process and have the payment under processing (due to e.g. pending wire transfer or any issue), we consider you as registered. We trust you!

Do you need support? If you have any difficulties in covering the costs of online access, or the full costs of in-person access, please get in touch with the General Chair via e-mail and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

[CLOSED] Registrations for Porto, March 16&21-25, 2022

Registrations for the Porto venue will be available online until March 18, 2022 (AoE), and available on-site until March 25, 2022.

To be included in the final schedule, presenters are asked to register as early as possible, preferentially until March 14, 2022 (AoE). Please contact the organizers otherwise to find a solution for your particular situation.

<Programming> 2022

         Mar 16,21,22,25
  Mar 23,24
   All days
    Mar 16,21-25
   All inclusive
  Mar 16,21-25
Regular   €340.— €440.— €640.— €800.—
ACM Regular   €300.— €400.— €600.— €760.—
Student   €240.— €340.— €480.— €640.—
ACM Student   €200.— €300.— €400.— €560.—
Online   €60.— n/a n/a

ELS - European Lisp Symposium 2022

 Mar 21-22
Regular / ACM    €160.—
Student / ACM    €80.—
Online     €50.—

Values include 23% VAT.

All tickets include:

  • coffee and pastry in the morning,
  • coffee breaks,
  • lunch,
  • access to all technical sessions of the days mentioned in the ticket you register for (tickets ELS, Workshops, Conference, All days);
  • transportation from the university to all social events,
  • access to all online events (April 11–14).

Register for March conference events in Porto, March 16, 21-15!

Social Events

By default, to address the uncertainty of current times and provide more control and flexibility of your own overall registration costs and cancellation needs, the social events listed below will be held outside the main venue (FEUP), after the closing of the technical program. Although these events will be organized by the conference, they are not included in the fees, enabling you to pay at the restaurant/place only what you order (PYO).

To help us do the pre-booking of our group in very short notice with the restaurant/place, when needed and possible, we will ask you to commit to attend or not each one of these social events by March 15 (AoE). After that date, your participation would might be possible anyway, depending on the capacity of the place.

  • Welcome Reception will be on Monday, March 21;
    not included in the fees; pay your order (PYO); average cost of €15–20.
  • Sunset Cocktail will be on Tuesday, March 22;
    not included in the fees; pay your order (PYO); average cost of €15–20.
  • Banquet will be on Wednesday, March 23;
    not included in the fees, ticket must be booked using the registration system; estimated cost of €105; (to be available soon).
  • Porto Food Tour will be on Thursday, March 24;
    not included in the fees; pay your order (PYO); estimated cost of €15–20.

Register for social events now!

In addition, and for your convenience, it was created an “All inclusive” ticket that already includes pre-payment of all the social events above listed in the respective average amounts.

Cancellation Policy

The details for cancellations are available in the registration form.


If you have issues registering, you can contact directly our registration support.

For questions related with the registration system, you can contact directly last2ticket.

For any additional information, please contact us.